Outdoor Meetings

  • Every Month Last Monday Cottage Meeting @ Sellur
  • Every Month 2nd Monday English Meeting @ Captain Prabhakaran School, Singarayar Colony (Opp To Narimedu Post Office)
  • Every Month 2nd Tuesday Cottage Prayer @ T.T.S, Arasaradi
  • Every Month 4th Tuesday Healing Meeting @ Nehru school, Narimedu (Opp To Cathedral Church)
  • Every Month 4th Wednesday Cottage Meeting @ Krishnapuram Colony
  • Every Month 3rd Thursday Fasting Prayer @ Rajapalayam ( 352, Srinivasan New Street, Rajapalayam)
  • Conventions

Meetings In Deliverance Prayer Center

  • Every Month 1st-day Fasting prayer for blessing
  • Every 1st Sunday Youth Meeting
  • Every Tuesday Fasting Prayer
  • Every Month 2nd Saturday Fasting Prayer
  • Every Month 2nd and 4th Thursday Morning Prayer
  • Every 3rd month – Three days Fasting Prayer (January, April, July, October)
  • Every Last Friday Night Prayer For Nation

Meetings In Bethel Trinity House & Outdoor

  • Every Saturday (excluding 2nd Saturday) Children’s Ministry
  • Every Week Sunday Service
  • Every Month 1st and 3rd Wednesday Fasting Prayer
  • Every Friday Evening Prayer meeting
  • Every Saturday Evening Children Ministry in Bethel Trinity House
  • Every 1st Sunday Evening Healing Meeting in Bethel Trinity House
  • Once in three months – 2days Convention (January, April, July, October)

Online Ministry

  • Youtube Messages link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9JGFnEI9hm73O82ZTINh_g
  • Magazine every month
  • Zoom Meetings